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Time is the key!

Employing modern methods of construction. Our team can work on site preparations concurrently with the building process. This not only helps us to build at a quicker pace than traditional methods but also gives you more time to devote towards design and making sure our client gets their perfect space. The modern method is five times more productive than traditional methods in terms of time. This speed allows for quick construction, which can save up on costs that would otherwise be spent paying people overtime or working delays.

Design Flexibility!

MMC Construction can be the perfect way to make your clients' dream homes come true. With our system, we offer a streamlined process that provides plenty of space for creative design and customisation. The benefits of using our manufacturing are endless: you'll have an open floor plan with clear spans as well as adjustable ceiling heights- all in one seamless package!

Quality & Warranty!

The factory allows us to focus on quality management and it is less susceptible to weather delays. This gives you greater control of the finished building, so that means we will hand over your project when expected. Our buildings come with a structural warranty.


Get your project off the ground faster. A revolutionary new approach to building. The UK's most cost effective way to construct your home


The Future is Flexible for your property development or self build.

Design it! Choose the look of your home, then build it. Why pay for what you don't need?


You can build fast and on budget. We only build quality buildings with our offsite construction system. We don't cut costs when building your property from scratch.


Get your home mortgage approved with structural defects warranty. Structural defects guarantee for your mortgage company. No need to worry about Matrix Structures homes.

Reduced Costs & Collaboration

With Offsite construction methods building commercial developments and residential, this will improve clients ROI because they earn revenue quicker than with traditional construction methods.

We want every client to be happy with the work we do. That's why our team of professionals is committed to working closely before construction begins and throughout

any project, providing clients with a clear understanding of how their vision will manifest into reality through sharing site plans or design process if needed.

Matrix Structures takes pride in ensuring client satisfaction before construction, this is a simple way for us to ensure they are satisfied at all stages of development.

Matrix Structures Reduced Cost & Collaboration

'Build your next project on time and on budget with modern methods of construction.  

A revolutionary way to build for the future'

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